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SEO Factors for 2016

With the ever changing landscape of SEO, we thought we would put together a summary (based on research by ourselves and many SEO experts out there) of what appears to be the key ranking factors for SEO in 2016. Backlinks continue to be an extremely important Google ranking factor. The number of domains linking to a page correlates with rankings more than any other factor. The number of referring domains has a very strong influence on rankings. In other words, it’s better to get 10 links from 10 different sites than 10 links from the...
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What is IP Canonicalization and why it is important for SEO?

It is probably easier to fix the problem than to pronounce 'canonicalization'. IP canonicalization is a technique sometimes used for SEO (search engine optimization). When a site's IP address is canonicalized, the IP address redirects to the domain name. For example, if visitors enter your IP address in their web browser, they should be redirected to or (to solve the domain name redirect issue use our free htaccess redirect generator tool). Otherwise, a search engine may index your site under both the IP address and the domain name....
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How Google Search Works in 2016

SEOBook posted a good article and infographic on how they anticipate Google search will work in 2016. They empasize users shifting to mobile devices, and how the limited screen size of the devices have pushed search engines to squeeze out & displace publishers with their own self-hosted information in an effort to offset the poor usability offered by tiny devices, while ensuring the search habit does not decline. They state: The philosophy of modern search has thus moved away from starting with information and connecting it to an audience, to starting with the user...
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Get High Pagerank DoFollow Backlinks Free

We all know that in order to increase your search engine position(s) you need to have some high quality backlinks which are not easy to get. In this article, we will show you how to get a couple of very high quality backlinks from sites with Pagerank 7/8/9 - free and easy. Google Plus - PR9 You might not know the fact that Google+ can provide you do-follow links very easily. As the site is actually Google itself, so creating dofollow backlinks directly from Google to your site is a no-brainer. To get...
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Should I even Care About Yahoo and Bing For My SEO?

There is no doubt by anyone that Google remains the 'king' of search amongst all other search engines, but ignoring Yahoo, Bing and other search engines out there would be a mistake in your SEO strategy. Google's share of the search engine market is around 67%, but Bing has a significant 20% of the search market, and Yahoo! has another 13%. There are other search engines up there that take make up the rest of the search market. This means if you ignore Bing and Yahoo for your SEO, you're ignoring nearly a third of...
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Could Visitor Behavior Soon Affect Your Search Ranking?

Google continues to deny that visitor behavior factors affect rankings, but many experiments seem to show that it does. Google also recently acknowledged that it has begun to use machine learning to identify the most relevant search results, this can help Google rank pages using broader criteria than it could before. While clickthrough rates are the most immediate behavioral determinant of value, engagement rates indicate that searchers find your pages useful. The longer someone spends on a page after clicking through from search, the more likely it is that they...
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Google Releases Search Quality Rating Guidelines

Google release a gem of a document today that all webmasters should pay attention to. The document is their Search Quality Ratings Guidelines which is essentialy their 'secret sauce' on how/what they use to rank sites on Google search. Google develops their algorithmic to search through a process of experimenation and as part of that experimientation, they have evaluators who assess the quality of Google’s search results— and give Google feedback on the experiments. Google states: Ratings from evaluators do not determine individual site rankings,...
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