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Why Don’t my Impressions Equal my Pageviews

Let’s start by explaining the difference between a website pageview and a website impression. A pageview is the term used whenever a visitor visits a page on your website. So if a visitor visits 5 pages on your site it would count as 5 pageviews. An impression is an advertising term and is defined as whenever an ad is displayed to a visitor (advertising banner, advertising text, etc) on your web page. Using the same example as above, if you have an ad that displays on every page of your...
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Improve Page Load Speed – Browser Caching

Google equate page load times as a key factor in overall user experience. Simply put, a slow loading web page does not provide for a good user experience so will impact where that page displays on search, where a fast loading page provides for a good user experience so will rank higher. There are many factors involved with page load time delays but some can be easily resolved. one of the most common issues related to slow webpage load times is page resource loading which can be easily fixed with...
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Optimize Images for SEO and Traffic

Not only does image optimization improve your page load times but can generate a lot of traffic from search engines. The great thing about this 2-for-1 improvement is that it’s so simple to do. Here are the steps: Alt Text Humans can tell by the looking at a picture what the picture is about – search engine spiders can’t. Alt Text is what describes to search engine spiders what your image is about. To include the al description, you simply add alt=”your image description here” to your image tag. Here is an...
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Has your site been Penalized or Google Sandboxed?

The term ‘Google Sandboxed’ is a theory used by many Webmasters and SEO experts to explain when either a new website is in a state of uncertainty while Google’s algorithms figures out where it belongs in search position(s) for specific keywords or when an established website has been penalized or sandboxed. First off, you need to find out if your site has been penalized by Google. This is not always obvious or easy as Google can penalize you in 2 ways – you can be manually penalized or through Google’s...
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