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Google drops the Content Keywords feature from Google Search Console

It's now official. After hinting at removing the Google content keywords report from Google Search Console, Google finally did it. Google has just removed another feature from the Google Search Console: the content keywords report, one of the earliest features found in the Google Search Console when it was first built. Google said when the tool first launched, this report was the “only way to see what Googlebot found when it crawled a website.” Now, you have features like Search Analytics and Fetch, and others. Google also said “users were...
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Website Analyzer Update

We've updated our Website Analyzer tool so that all results are now cached and you can generate and download a full PDF report of the analysis, results and recommendations to improve your site on-page and off-page search engine optimization. The Website Analyzer tool is one of the most powerful scripts on our site, it will provide a clear and comprehensive crawl report of your entire website. Discover site strengths and weaknesses in minutes. Get an analysis report of more than 50 criteria based on SEO, design, content, performance and accessibility. This complete...
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Mobile Speed — is it killing your conversion rate?

No surprise - speed continue to be one of the biggest bearings on usability and conversions across devices. But on mobile, it’s especially problematic. Limited processing power, lower connection speed, and spotty service present unique challenges to mobile devices that most desktops don’t experience. How that translates, is through decreasing mobile conversion rates on purchase, losing these visits to competitors, while also diminishing brand value in the process. Of the 87% of US citizens who own mobile devices, 90% use their devices to go online. Most staggering though, 74% will...
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Getting Top Content Quality with

Guest Post from Brian Johnson. Bio: Brian Johnson is a super-talented content manager at He likes poetry and adores haikus. Nowadays with the majority of aspiring new specialists, one of the main SEO bottlenecks hides in the quality of content released by the resource. Having spent little time in the field it gets beyond obvious that SEO is a collaborative effort. In this regard content updates are no different from any other component. You need a specialized team member for every separate task if you want to have it done...
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The top 100 most expensive keywords in the UK for 2016

Summary Gambling dominates Betting-related terms account for 77 out of the 100 most expensive keywords, and 22 out of the top 25. Price range The most expensive keyword term cost £148.51, for ‘play live blackjack’. The least expensive in the top 500 cost £54.92. Typos Three of the top 25 target people who can’t spell ‘roulette’. Typos are regularly spotted in the top 500 results, and beyond. Search volume The top 500 keywords represent 217,530 searches a month. That’s more than 2.6m searches a year. Remember that the long tail is very...
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The Top 100 Most Expensive Keywords in the U.S. - 2016

Here are the top 100 most expensive keywords in the United States for 2016.  ...
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SEO Advice 2016

In today's world of SEO - the 3 most important tips for any Webmaster. ...
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