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Google to Redesign AdWords for marketing in a mobile-first world

Google announced March 28 2016 they are going to be redesigning the AdWords platform over the next 12-18 months. There isn't really any functionality changes happening to the core campaign and ad system. But the user interfaces are going to drastically change to be focused more around the campaigns you are running. Google said they want to make the interface: Focused around how you run your business and not around the AdWords product Show you the data you need to see and hide irrelevant data Give you the powerful tools you...
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Google to Strengthen Mobile-Friendly Ranking Signal

April 21 2015 was the date when Google officially integrated mobile-friendliness into its ranking signal. Today, Google announced its mobile-friendly ranking signal is about to get even stronger. Beginning in May an update will be rolled out to Google Search which increases the effects of the mobile-friendly ranking signal. The goal is to “help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly”. If your site is already mobile-friendly, Google says you will not be impacted by the pending update. The company reminds that the intent of a search query is...
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Yandex Penalizes Hundreds of Sites for Selling Links

The largest Russion search engine - Yandex - has penalized hundreds of sites for selling links. The penalty was reported on a Yandex webmaster post Sept 8th. The link penalty, named algorith AGS, will be widespread and will not discriminate between large, small, well know or less popular sites. The 'algorithm AGS' specifically targets link sellers, not link buyers. The penalty went ahead and set the Yandex TIC score (similar to Google’s PageRank) to zero for sites who sold links. Yandex also has an algorithm that targets link buyers named Minusinsk....
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Google Panda 4.2 Reversal

Google Panda 4.2 was released by Google July 18, 2015 and was meant to be a slow roll-out, taking months to complete. This is the first algorith update in 10 months, the last update being Panda 4.1 which was released September 25 2014. The rollout meant anyone who was penalized by Panda in the last update had a chance to recover, if they made the right changes. It has been widely reported that many webmasters who were penalized from Panda 4.1 did see slight improvements with the slow rolling Panda 4.2. But, on August 14th 2015, webmasters...
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Google to Penalize Sites That Prompt You to Download Their App with Interstitials

Interstitial ads are full screen ads that cover the interface of their host application. In late July 2015, Google published a post on its blog asking people to reconsider using app download interstitials - it was widely suspected that Google would turn this into some kind of a penalty - they did just that! Google announced today that as of November 1 2015, sites with intrusive app install Interstitials will be penalized. Below is their announcement: “After November 1, mobile web pages that show an app install interstitial that hides a significant amount of content...
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