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Getting Top Content Quality with

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Getting Top Content Quality with

07/22/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in General

Guest Post from Brian Johnson.


Brian Johnson is a super-talented content manager at He likes poetry and adores haikus.

Nowadays with the majority of aspiring new specialists, one of the main SEO bottlenecks hides in the quality of content released by the resource. Having spent little time in the field it gets beyond obvious that SEO is a collaborative effort.

In this regard content updates are no different from any other component. You need a specialized team member for every separate task if you want to have it done right. If you are familiar with the spacecraft-fuel concept of content production by Michael Stelzner, you know that uniqueness and quality of your content is pivotal: you have to keep your updates valuable to the reader and not spammy but the meaning of quality goes far beyond the value of substance in your text. Each element of your post should be there and shining. Your piece of content is only as good as its weakest part. Meaning: if your post has bad grammar, punctuation, organization or style then it’s dragging the rest down to the bottom. As a SEO specialist you will need to employ a professional either to do it for you or coach you in English. That is if you want your fuel to get you to the stars. But where can you find experts that will provide you with effective assistance of such kind? The answer is

It is a unique web-service specialized in reviewing and text coaching to hold a meaningful discussion about your performance and internalize productive writing routines. Whether you decide to improve your own English or increase the quality of the work done by your subordinate team member, this is the place to go. is a correcting service that goes beyond.

Not only will you be able to see your missteps, you will also get professional advice on both micro and macro scale of your performance in a friendly and helpful manner. Our experts will give suggestions to help you comprehend your mistakes and never repeat them. So, using this service you’ll be able to reduce your dependance on a content writer and personally ensure the high quality of your texts. It is a great service to invest into your lingual proficiency with maximum emphasis on high quality feedback.

At your work will be reviewed by expert linguists with extensive experience both in academia and content writing. They have vast background in coaching and undertake a flexible approach in order to break down the elements that make high quality writing what it is.

This kind of retrospect on past work is exactly what most freelance content writers are lacking in their ruthless day to day, gig to gig routine. Here is how it works:

First of all you should fill a simple Register form:



Then you will get access to the dashboard with your assignments:



For more info you may also check the sample collection of orders.

As for the pricing, lets you procedurally release payment in parts with only $2.5 per 1 page or 275 words.



Your reviewer is always available to discuss and clarify the details of the review at any lengths. Should you find yourself dissatisfied with the quality of the given feedback, mind that you are eligible for a refund.

In our competitive age and environment it’s highly important to emphasize not only on the quantity of your content but also quality. lets you simultaneously improve your English skills and review your content without interrupting its production. Seasoned academic experts will help both lower and upper-intermediate English writers align all elements of a great literary piece into the orchestra that speaks competence in any subject you’re dealing with.


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