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DMOZ: The Open Directory Project is shutting down

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DMOZ: The Open Directory Project is shutting down

03/01/2017 12:00 AM by Admin in General

DMOZ — The Open Directory Project that uses human editors to organize websites — is shutting down March 14 2017.

DMOZ was born in June 1998 as “GnuHoo,” then quickly changed to “NewHoo,” a rival to the Yahoo Directory at the time. Yahoo had faced criticism as being too powerful and too difficult for sites to be listed in.

It was soon acquired by Netscape in November 1998 and renamed the Netscape Open Directory. Later that month, AOL acquired Netscape, giving AOL control of The Open Directory.

DMOZ continued on, although for marketers and searchers, it has also long been mostly forgotten as a resource and it was only a metter of time before it shutdown.

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