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The top 100 most expensive keywords in the UK for 2016

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The top 100 most expensive keywords in the UK for 2016

07/18/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in General


Gambling dominates
Betting-related terms account for 77 out of the 100 most expensive keywords, and 22 out of the top 25.

Price range
The most expensive keyword term cost £148.51, for ‘play live blackjack’. The least expensive in the top 500 cost £54.92.

Three of the top 25 target people who can’t spell ‘roulette’. Typos are regularly spotted in the top 500 results, and beyond.

Search volume
The top 500 keywords represent 217,530 searches a month. That’s more than 2.6m searches a year. Remember that the long tail is very long…

Six sectors pay the big bucks

As well as gambling, there are four other sectors that appear in the top 100. Companies in these categories need deep pockets to buy ads on Google. They are as follows:

  • Technology [10/100]
  • Finance [8/100]
  • Legal [3/100]
  • B2B [2/100]

In the top 500 most expensive keywords we also see a couple of Health-related terms, though no mention of ‘mesothelioma’ in the UK (it remains one of the most costly keywords in the US).

Below are the top 100 keywords in the UK - average cost per click prices on Google Adwords:




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