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About Broken Links Checker

Broken links on websites are something every webmaster should be concerned about. 

They are annoying, disruptive, preventable and often cause visitors to leave a site to find what they're looking for elsewhere.

Do broken links hurt my SEO?

Google is forgiving when it comes to 404 broken link errors. It will not deindex a website and probably will not even directly decrease rankings. However, it's important to remember that Google's main priority in organic search is to deliver quality results. If it continually finds links to non-existant pages on a website, Google will eventually figure out that the website's owner is not concerned with maintaining a quality user experience.

If Google can't crawl your website, it simply won't which will hurt your site rankings on search.

Broken links do happen but they are completely preventable, it just requires webmasters to scan their sites on a regular basis to ensure all links are still good.

Use our free Broken Link Checker to scan your site to see if there are any broken links.

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