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In the world of SEO there are two types of backlinks.

External backlinks, which are links that point to your website from an entirely separate site, and Internal backlinks, which consist of connections between individual pages within your website.

Creating internal links between the pages on your website offers a number of different SEO advantages:

Internal links decrease the number of clicks required to access each page on your website, allowing the search engines to use their crawl budgets more effectively.

Internal links offer opportunities to use keyword-rich anchor texts throughout your pages (though you should be careful to only create internal links to relevant, useful pages, instead of using this as an opportunity to create keyword-stuffed links).

Internal links improve the user experience on your website by providing readers with additional materials that may pique their interests. As a result, both average time on site and average pages per visit go up, leading to potential SEO and conversion rate benefits.

Getting started with an internal linking plan is not difficult. Whenever you add a new page, article, or blog post to your website, take a second to see if the readers who are accessing this new content might be interested in other topics you have covered elsewhere on your site. If you do find opportunities to recommend related pieces, create internal links within your new content that point to these other website pages.

External links should be minimized. Search engines view an external link as a 'vote' from your site to that external link and in turn it takes away from your own SEO. If you must link to an external site, ensure you add the 'no follow' tags to the link (search engines view the 'no follow' tag as a link but not a 'vote').

Our free Link Structure Checker Tool will provide you with a detailed view of your website internal and external link structure.

Remember, internal linking is good for SEO. Keep your external links to a minimum or you are giving away your SEO 'juice'.